Now Available, Autumn Eve.


Autumn Eve Now Available!

By Garrett Lee

Autumn Eve is available for purchase in Hardcover and eBook.

Autumn Eve: The most endearing friend that we all share, and the relentless adversary that shadows us , is the very residence by which we conduct our lives: Time. It is the foe that we all try to outrun, the echo of our dearest memories, and our weary companion after a long journey through this life. Some of us may think life is too short, and others believe that forever is too daunting.
However we may feel or think about time, one thing is surely certain, it affects us at our very core. It’s effects are so confounding that many of us have come up with delusions and superstitions surrounding its nature in order to give us meaning. Whether it’s an afterlife that reassures us of our relevance, or hopes of eternal life so that we may never miss a moment, it is our experience of the time we have in our lives that makes everything around us meaningful. Every day we are on the eve of realizing our last seasons, our last nights, and how beautiful they all are. 

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