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Welcome To My New Site

A clean slate. As my projects continue to expand in scope and breadth, I have found it necessary to revisit the purpose of my website. I’ve decided to discard the majority my old site and its design in order to create one that I can begin to create my brand. A “brand” can often be a confusing prospect, in both meaning and its conveyance. I believe one’s brand is synonymous with a platform. It is my objective to construct a platform so that my writing and other works can have access to a wider audience and as a springboard to my various endeavors that are scattered online.

I will take this process in twofold. This will be the first step towards a platform: the implementation of a new website that has a revamped user interface and with it, the experience. There will be a frequently updated web log (blog) that will keep those subscribing and viewing my burgeoning platform informed of all the progress I have made and currently working towards. The final steps will be a lengthy series of soft social media marketing and fine tuning the new website so that it fits in well with my workflow, and the site will be adjusted as I receive feedback from users. The second phase of my platform will be the release of a completed project that I have been working towards for a great deal of time. I will begin updating this new website with minor updates towards that project, as well as numerous news containing the publications of many of my other work in between. When the second step has begun, I will begin pushing social media direction towards my site with a stronger urgency and clearer focus. It is my intention that by the time this longterm project is complete over the course of the next few months, my new site will have succeeded in creating a new platform that has all the bugs kicked to the proverbial curb and also, that this website is streamlined into my workflow so that there will be a plethora of input regarding my various works.

Subscribing, following, bookmarking, etc., are all great ways to help me with this new platform. The best way however, is to read my published works and posts as I list them on and to give all the input you can. Enjoy!

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