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We are still transitioning from the remnants of natural selection and towards an evolution guided by our consciousness. As a species, we are still dealing with deeply rooted sociobiological problems that leaves our evolution tempered to the point that it's nearly idle.

Social castes still divide humanity, material wealth and the superstition of bloodlines making some humans better than others. Even places where equality is mandated by society's law, there is rampant income inequality which leaves many people without the basic necessities of life and we strip them of their freedom because of arbitrary rules considered cruel by the populace. The wealthy in western democracies are only slightly more evolved in their treatment of each other, instead of imposing social order, there are corporations that draw the dividing the lines of the elite few and the majority of the population - the proletariat. The castes/classes of people at the top are always much fewer than the groups they deem below them, this allows the propagation of inequality where very few control resources of the society and the majority of the population are left destitute. This system of assault against human intellect is allowed to continue as those who are poor often attempt to rise above their class to attain those benefits at the expense of the underclass from which they emerged. Another aspect of a caste system is that if one tries to rise above their station they are ostracized in their culture with no hope of building a future.

Our culture still engages in survival of the fittest, vital in natural selection and in non-sentient animals. Humanity has not moved past this concept, we have left this biological form of evolution long ago and we try to place the concept of strength with our mental/consciousness evolution. It's antithetical to our advancement and growth to cast out our physically and emotionally weak. These elements no longer play a part in our future, it's the strength of our mind, morals, and ethics that will allow us to continue the next stage of our evolution.

When we try to divide society into castes or classes, this serves to undermine human intelligence; asserting a group's material wealth and believing that ones bloodline inheritance is superior, is often the cause for generations of oppression over another group of people that has less wealth and a less influential family ancestry. It's a cycle of oppression that is ingrained within our species, the leftover instincts of the mentality of the strongest survive, this concept has been rendered moot ever since we began to exercise intelligence and free will over our environment. As a society, this is a perpetuation of ignorance and a continuity of our prior path of evolution through the animal kingdom via natural selection.

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