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By Garrett Lee at Posts by Garrett

At times, I digress on the issue of explaining why philosophy is vital to humanity; however, I will summarily inform you of the target in which Active Philosophy aims. This foundation of culture, Active Philosophy, is not about sensationalism nor is it about a discreet platform. This philosophy is about guiding people in society across shifts in culture which can be monumental leaps in thought, and it's also about living your life each day.

As the human species evolved and navigated it's way through the food chain, we employed natural selection. Due to the efficiency at which we obtained our consciousness, which played no small part in our exponential gains to become the dominant species, we began to utilize our minds in sculpting a civilization that gave us natural selection as a mere option.

We've developed a society that values choice that mixes with our logical deductive reasoning and chemical based emotion. Our culture can no longer effectively evolve by natural selection as the weakest of our species can counter the strongest with tools invented in the premise of our intellectual capacity. As a culture, it is our mantle to carry in confining our evolution, but in a new form of evolution that involves our intelligence and minds.

Active Philosophy are for those members in society that want to become better than they are now, to have their future secured, to have loved ones and neighbors succeed equally as well, but above all, live in a way that fulfills their emotional and logical goals. What you do today will very much affect those around you, more so if you hold a position of authority, and it will give affliction to all the tomorrows in your life. Trying to foresee the affects of a proverbial butterfly's wings can be daunting and lead to errors that you may not have realized could cause such alterations in your goals. Active Philosophy sets out to lay the foundation that will allow you to more clearly see your immediate actions in relation to both your surroundings and your future. It attempts to give meaning to your existence that are grounded in reality and reason.

There is a great deal of critical introspection amongst us. We have the necessary ego that allows us to change and advance our environment. There is vanity that allows us to erect a self-image that many of us project outwardly such as personal grooming, hygiene, and the fashion of clothing that we choose to live our lives in, as well as our personal iconography.

Then there is our outward perception, what we allow others to see and most importantly how people see us and the way they respond to our actions and inaction. It’s vital that our ego can match our observable iconography, it is essential in furthering that caricature without compromising our core beliefs.

Apathy gives us a responsibility to criticize. There is no excuse for the apathy that surrounds society and permeates each and every crack of our collective identity. The unfocused way people live their lives is the very antithesis from which our evolution must progress. Not a judgmental attitude or presumption in how we or I believe that evolution must develop, much more of a net gain in all areas of our culture. Science, technology, civil and digital infrastructure, policy and politics, economy and currencies, all exist to benefit humanity, and each day that apathy overtakes action is a day in which we lose ground.

A conviction that strives to reform the languid regression of those various landscapes must be exhibited by all whom endeavor to look towards the future. The future is unknown, it’s the very essence of the term. We may not be able to judge or force ourselves to conform to what we believe the future should be, instead we should contend to create the best version of our culture today so that a logical progression of what the future holds is directly correlated to what we make of today. I’m on a mission to criticize, should you be as well?

Our culture will evolve beyond petty superstitions such as religion, spirituality, and the natural selection mentality that propagates malcontent, inequality, poverty, and above all sorrows, we will shed off the destruction that strangles our lives.

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